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Because we are involved in the food service sector everyday, we are in a great position to work with and be involved in many differing brands, markets, styles and complexities of food offers across the sectors. This involvement allows us to appreciate and advise where the potential gaps and opportunities are for your products and interesting ways of presenting your products to maximise the impact to your customers.

We are all aware that time is a precious commodity for everyone, it is therefore important to ensure that every-time you present to a customer, they will always take something away from that presentation, whether it be the product itself or simply an idea that they can expand upon or a presentation style that they like and can use. What ever it is, if it has been worthwhile giving up their time to see you, they will more than likely be happy to see you again and again to sample your ideas.  

Through our team we offer a range of services that can support and add value to your business, these support services are centred around the following;

  • Product research, especially in the market place
  • Recipe development
  • Product presentation ideas capturing the interest of your audience and that would fit their particular business
  • Conducting the presentations on your behalf or simply assisting your sales team

We have been very successful in helping secure business for our clients by providing one or several of the above services. This approach generally has generated more presentation slots for our clients throughout the year!

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  • Food Manufacturing Support

Food Photography FDS Ltd offer food photography services.

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Training Overview

FDS Ltd offer bespoke training to suit your needs. So whether it’s operational food training for frontline staff or food hygiene for management, FDS Ltd has the right programme for you.

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